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writing one day at a time
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Any donation, little or big, very much appreciated (:

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KJ ❤
Artist | Literature
lady-yume. the dreaming lady. kimberly. kim. kj. twenty-nine. blue-eyed. dark-blonde.
a professional day-dreamer who writes in spare minutes and stolen moments, often carrying words around within my pockets for later use.

- - - - -

current founder over at the Glory-Be-Project - expressing ourselves by writing one day at a time.
do you have any questions about the project? i'm always a note away to answer any of your queries :heart:

- - - - -

writer of the feature series the dreaming corner, highlighting pieces of literature that have touched and inspired me ❤
★ vol. 01 - ★ vol. 02 - ★ vol. 03 - ★ vol. 04 - ★ vol. 05

- - - - -

thankful to all you wonderful people who read my works;
all the +watches, comments and +fav's are seen - though the last one may go unanswered, they are most certainly not unnoticed (:

- - - - -

my daily deviations:
:bulletgreen: counting stars {featured in the daily deviations of october 2nd, '13 ~ chosen by DorianHarper}
:bulletgreen: heart sold. {featured in the daily deviations of july, 8th, '14 ~ suggested by chromeantennae, featured by inknalcohol}

my daily literary deviations:
:bulletgreen: fickle flames and dreamy rooms {featured in the daily lit deviations of december 9th '13 ~ suggested by toxic--sunrise, featured by betwixtthepages}
:bulletgreen: siren song {featured in the daily lit deviations of October 11th '13 ~ suggested by toxic--sunrise, featured by DrippingWords}
:bulletgreen: dancing on the fire escape {featured in the daily lit deviations of September 6th '13 ~ suggested by chromeantennae, featured by LadyofGaerdon}
:bulletgreen: shipwrecked and lost {featured in the daily lit deviations of June 6th '13~ suggested by imaginative-lioness}, featured by DrippingWords
:bulletgreen: letters to a memory {originally featured in the daily lit deviations of October 12th, '11 on my previous account ~ chosen by SilverInkblot}

- - - - -

contest winners and honourable mentions:
:bulletgreen: the best of you {first prize winner in Live-Love-Write's the best of you contest}
:bulletgreen: summer greens {first prize winner in the-haiku-club's summer scents contest}
:bulletgreen: sunlit summer {honourable mention in MacroPoetry's seasons contest}
:bulletgreen: morning glory (day 6) {honourable mention in the-haiku-club's haikuwrimo}
:bulletgreen: hanabi {second prize winner in the-haiku-club's Soma Nomaoi Festival contest}

- - - - -

:bulletgreen: LadyLincoln's ladies of lit - volume xlv

- - - - -

special features:
:bulletgreen: LadyLincoln's spotlight lady of august 7 (2014)
:bulletgreen: TheWritePlace's featured writer of august 16 (2015)

- - - - -

beautiful compliments :heart:
:bulletgreen: chromeantennae:
"Lady Dream(s), the Dreaming Lady. You, KJ, create poetry I can only envision in my dreams. You're such an inspiration and beyond kind, you're just that epic. I love you and please, please, please, don't ever stop writing."

:bulletgreen: shehrozeameen:
"Lady-Yume if there was a means to save raindrops just before they fell, it would be my pleasure to present them to you. You're wonderful - you're like a clear blue sky that's radiant and never has a single blemish on it. Its always a good day when you're around. And its always been something I'm proud of - reading your works, as well as being your friend."

:bulletgreen: Exnihilo-nihil:
"Lady-Yume is a lovely poetess, and I'm glad to read her. Delicate, true, sensitive."

:bulletgreen: LadyLincoln:
"Kimberly’s beautifully woven “dreamy” poetry reflects from her heart and through her gorgeous deviant identity, amongst the community. Her writing is sensitive and thoughtful, and she has a creative ability to pull her readers into a world with vibrant imagery – she helps us count the stars, travel through the valley of the butterflies, and discover our euphoria."

:bulletgreen: TheBakerandWriter:
"You just have a delicate way with words and it comes out to be something otherworldly."

:bulletgreen: A-Shadow-Rose:
"Lady-Yume. She is wow. She is wow times infinity. I can't even describe how beautiful her work is. Every time I read something, it makes me feel all warm because it's just so... wow."

:bulletgreen: crooked-clockwork:
"You are truly a daily inspiration to me and are one of my absolute favorite poets. You have such a beautiful and raw soul and it comes out in the poetry that you so graciously share with the dA community. Regardless of how many times I reread your poems, many have brought fond feelings and even tears welling up inside of me again and again."

:bulletgreen: LuminescentTeardrops:
"I truly adore your writing! It's so inspirational that you've definitely become one of my role models when it comes to poets."

:bulletgreen: Jade-Pandora:
"With any of Lady-Yume's poetry, a nature-loving reader is assured that the trip through the wisteria that spreads across a river of romance will both shroud you with strong branches, and the tender-most blossoms that gently flutter down."

- - - - -

my poetry blog - goodreads - pinterest - twitter
Hello my hearties :love:

Welcome to 2016 and a Happy New Year to you all!

In the words of Neil Gaiman;
"May your coming year be filled with magic and dreams and good madness. I hope you read some fine books, and kiss someone who thinks you're wonderful, and don't forget to make some art – write or draw or build or sing or live like only you can. And I hope, somewhere in the next year, you surprise yourself."

Today, I've got a few items to talk about, so please hang with me and read on (:


With 2015 officially behind us, it's that time of the year again to take a look at what we wrote down over the months (our long contemplations, or hasted scribbles) and see if it's of any use for our Swap Meet!
For those of you tagging along for these past years, this is no stranger, but others might be thinking a "Swap What?" so here's below in a few short points what it is.

First: Prepare Your Swap:

:bulletgreen: Go through your 2015 Glory Be journal OR any general scraps you wrote in 2015 and collect some you wish you knew what to do with, but haven't been able to. (Do not include anything you are not okay with another member finishing.)
:bulletgreen: Post up a new deviation titled 2016 Glory Be! Swap Meet (so that we can find each participant's entry!) and indicate in your author's comments that it is for Glory Be.
:bulletgreen: Submit to our SWAP MEET folder!

Second: Grab a Swap
:bulletgreen: Pick ANY and ALL swaps submitted to the group that catch your eye. You do not need to notify the original author that you are working on their swap –– but, if you'd like to collab with them, get in touch!
:bulletgreen: Use the selected swap(s) as your daily inspiration for Glory Be! This means you have complete control over where you take the swap. Will you rewrite it? Will you add onto it? Take just a phrase? Or, again, collab? It's up to you.

Third and Last: Share the Swap!
:bulletgreen: Submit any successful swap(s) as a normal submission to the group. Indicate in your author notes which deviants' swaps you have used.
:bulletgreen: Feel free to Swap and Swap again (but remember, do not use member's normal Glory Be! submissions!)


Some other things you can do to festively end 2015, is to write a TRIUMPH JOURNAL; which is a chance to brag, boast, and share your triumphs in writing from 2015! Did you win contests with pieces you wrote during Glory Be? Master any new forms? Received a Daily Deviation, or a DLR? Write it down and share!
Secondly, would you like to share your entire Glory Be Journal of this year? Or a whole month of it, or all your uploads that are on dA? You can! Share it with us all by uploading it in a deviation or journal to our FINAL PROJECTS folder!


Of course, a lot of you (well, I hope so..!) are already gearing up for year 4! The January folder has been added to the group (2 deviations a week); so get on board with me! Let's write through another year :typerhappy:
But, just in case you are in the need of some help; here's some of our most helpful tips (:

- Keep both a digital, as well as a physical notebook. No matter where you are, if inspiration hits, jot it down.
- Tuck little notebooks into your coats, pockets and bags (don't forget a pen!) so you have paper with you on the go. (brilliant tip by IntelligentZombie )
- Listen to your favourite songs, steal titles or a sentence and use it as a prompt.
- Read loads and loads (not that you'll probably need me to tell you this Giggle)
- Watch films, television series, go for a walk - just let your mind take in new sights, ideas and feelings.


As some of you may have noticed, a few weeks ago I posted a journal calling for help in the form of a new Co-Founder, and am very pleased to announce younghabitat has joined our ranks, making her your second go-to-girl with any questions or ideas you might have.
Still, if this news flash totally passed you by, and it still speaks to you – send me (Lady-Yume) a note; it's always great to have a greater community behind the scenes :)


Do you have any inspiration or prompt ideas that you'd like to share with the group on a weekly, or monthly basis? We'd love to hear from you! Get in touch with me, or younghabitat, by sending a note.


As of 2016, I'm opening up the Featured folder for submissions! Have you won a DD, DLD, DLR or a contest with one of your pieces written during Glory Be? Let me know, and I'll have it honoured in our own gallery! :la:


And last but not least, in this little corner, I want to express some thanks to the people who've been and are just generally brilliant. To betwixtthepages for being my side-kick through the first few months of 2015, to Naktarra, themaninroomfive, EphemeralEloquence and DrippingWords for their inspirational journals and to the wonderful FuzzyHoser and vespera for giving life to this group and project :heart:

With love,


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