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Artist | Literature
lady-yume. the dreaming lady. kimberly. kim. kj. girl. twenty-eight. blue-eyed. dark-blonde.
a professional day-dreamer who writes in spare minutes and stolen moments, often carrying words around within my pockets for later use.

- - - - -

founder over at the Glory-Be-Project - expressing ourselves by writing one day at a time.
do you have any questions about the project? i'm always a note away to answer any of your queries :heart:

- - - - -

thankful to all you wonderful people who read my works; all the +watches, comments and fave's are seen - though the last one may go unanswered, they are most certainly not unnoticed (:

- - - - -

my daily deviations:
:bulletgreen: counting stars {featured in the daily deviations of october 2nd, '13 ~ chosen by DorianHarper}
:bulletgreen: heart sold. {featured in the daily deviations of july, 8th, '14 ~ suggested by chromeantennae, featured by GrimFace242}

my daily literary deviations:
:bulletgreen: fickle flames and dreamy rooms {featured in the daily lit deviations of december 9th '13 ~ suggested by toxic--sunrise, featured by TwilightPoetess}
:bulletgreen: siren song {featured in the daily lit deviations of October 11th '13 ~ suggested by toxic--sunrise, featured by DrippingWords}
:bulletgreen: dancing on the fire escape {featured in the daily lit deviations of September 6th '13 ~ suggested by chromeantennae, featured by LadyofGaerdon}
:bulletgreen: shipwrecked and lost {featured in the daily lit deviations of June 6th '13~ suggested by imaginative-lioness}, featured by DrippingWords
:bulletgreen: letters to a memory {originally featured in the daily lit deviations of October 12th, '11 on my previous account ~ chosen by SilverInkblot}

- - - - -

contest prize taker:

:bulletgreen: the best of you {first prize winner in Live-Love-Write's contest also entitled the best of you}

- - - - -

interviews :rose:
:bulletgreen: LadyLincoln's ladies of lit - volume xlv
{Whenever I think of Kimberly’s work, I think of a sort of fragile beauty that stays with me and continues to haunt my thoughts after each individual reading. There is something simply magical about her poetry. And, it stays tucked away within the confines of my heart, where radiant, vibrant imagery shall always shine.}

- - - - -

beautiful compliments :heart:
:bulletgreen: chromeantennae:
"Lady Dream(s), the Dreaming Lady. You, KJ, create poetry I can only envision in my dreams. You're such an inspiration and beyond kind, you're just that epic. I love you and please, please, please, don't ever stop writing."

:bulletgreen: shehrozeameen:
"Lady-Yume if there was a means to save raindrops just before they fell, it would be my pleasure to present them to you. You're wonderful - you're like a clear blue sky that's radiant and never has a single blemish on it. Its always a good day when you're around. And its always been something I'm proud of - reading your works, as well as being your friend."

:bulletgreen: lombregrise:
"Lady-Yume is a lovely poetess, and I'm glad to read her. Delicate, true, sensitive."

:bulletgreen: LadyLincoln:
"Kimberly’s beautifully woven “dreamy” poetry reflects from her heart and through her gorgeous deviant identity, amongst the community. Her writing is sensitive and thoughtful, and she has a creative ability to pull her readers into a world with vibrant imagery – she helps us count the stars, travel through the valley of the butterflies, and discover our euphoria."

:bulletgreen: TheBakerandWriter:
"You just have a delicate way with words and it comes out to be something otherworldly."

:bulletgreen: A-Shadow-Rose:
"Lady-Yume. She is wow. She is wow times infinity. I can't even describe how beautiful her work is. Every time I read something, it makes me feel all warm because it's just so... wow."

:bulletgreen: crooked-clockwork:
"You are truly a daily inspiration to me and are one of my absolute favorite poets. You have such a beautiful and raw soul and it comes out in the poetry that you so graciously share with the dA community. Regardless of how many times I reread your poems, many have brought fond feelings and even tears welling up inside of me again and again."
- - - - -

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Pianissimobluejay midflight, sunrise, birdsighs sound like a song
silhouette soaring, wings aflame with firstlight
heat of timefriction, star strikes across sky
golden wingspan, turned in for shadeperch
high noon between the leaves, cool birch
reenergize the glide, waft
airswirl smooths the feathers
then abreast in dusk
homeward, backlit
if I could go back in timeit all started with a hello that
came fl-fl-flittering from
my quivering, adolescent lips
and then we
into a hypersonic
oblivion were me melted together
in a symphonic mix
of words and the distilled
inks of dead poets.
we g r e w and glowed
and slowly we (I)
fell deeper into
uncharted waters that
made my bones grow cold
and my heart
drown with antic-
when you offered to
show me the very galaxies that
swirled in my faltering irises,
when you splayed
your fingers against
my spine and urged me
toward the dancing
with your soft willow-whispers
against my foolish ears
scared, I dashed away
like a frightened
lamb in the eyes
of God,
leaving your arms
empty and
while my heart
screamed bloody
murder from within
my rusted prison
the destiny of fate and timesoul to soul;
      red ribbon of fate
            why couldn't you have thrown her
  in the irish wind
           back then
     instead of so late --
heart to heart;
        silver string of time
              why wouldn't you bring them together
    when they called out
             looking for their soulmates
        and the one they could call 'mine' --
eye to eye;
        golden weave of destiny
                   why would you wait so long
              to have them now
       be loved by the other when
                they have known, for so long, with such clarity -
Moon Shardsabove spiderweb icicles
I hang colored glass shards--
a rainbow of moons

ImprintMy heart is an antique,
made of glass and poetic stone.
Reflections remind me of my frailty –
The words spark the embers  
in lover’s shadows.
And then, the stars fell.
With Rain on our TonguesI have been walking our oceans again,
having held on forever to the hope of knowing
the dialogue of the tides.
The clouds never spoke pounding melodies,
only echoes into the nothing.
The stars whispered a lie that tells the truth:
You waited, praying to fireflies, and
I wanted to be someone else.
You're never touching anything,
singing me oblivion and creating destiny
with a void dance and erotic spills:
eloquent tradition like petals and leaves.
The way we do in dreamsI'll climb the highest mountain's crown
in both the sun and moonlight's beams;
I'll reach as far as I believe
and live the way we do in dreams.
No Earthly bonds will tie me down,
no words will bend or break me,
for we can be as fantasies:
Let's love the way we do in dreams
ElectricMy touch is electric to her sensitive body.
I run my finger along her collar bone,
she breathes heavy on my hand.
I caress her neck,
her breath catches.
I kiss her,
jolts of pleasure coursing through.
I pulse at every lip bite.
We spark at the touch.

Ecstasyi want to enter your mind
brush the dust off
your most faded memories
and learn
there is to know
about your life
your habits
the way you breathe
while falling asleep
how you sigh
at disappointing words
or what makes your eyes shine
with happiness
and why you don't speak
when you're sad
along with
what exactly it was
that made you fall
in love with me
Be gentle, love.Be gentle,
Some days
my body is too heavy
to inhabit,
hollowed out and
filled back up
with empty;
empty sadness,
empty anger,
empty fear.
Be gentle, love.
Be gentle and
let me lay here,
still and silent,
until my emptiness
empties out.
AnaphoraI am from unanswered letters and retro postcards tucked into a hollow book. I am from clacking copy machines beaming white light and stagnant, chalky air. I am from soundproof recording rooms. I am from oven-baked toast dusted with cinnamon; from bergamot and earl grey; from German chocolate that I never eat. I am from dead leaves on campus walks and words of encouragement given on the corner of “you deserve it” and “I’m proud of you.” I am from stained dry-erase boards. I am from mountains of colors and valleys of fog. I am from strands of unworn necklaces and earrings I’m allergic to and rings too small for my fingers. I am from blue ink splotches on essays. I am from unstable brick pathways; broken elevators; distant parking lots; clouded windows. I am from frantic typing and nearly-missed deadlines. The Way I See ItBeyond the train window,
Vague impressions of buildings
Fly past,
But they might as well be
Mountains in Colorado.
I can see Christmas lights
Best when they're tangled;
They're like fireflies,
In all their splendor.
A silhouette
Is all I need to know
About a person;
I see no blemishes.
I've always wondered
Why height, weight,
Skin color,
Or disfigurement
Ever mattered to anyone.
We are
In our imperfections.
You see,
You may see the forest
For the trees,
But I see it
Inches at a time,
And though I sometimes
Mourn my loss of sight,
I find the world is
The way I see it.

NightfallAnd the sun crackles
the horizon into dust
while the moon glides
slyly forward to
taste the faded daylight.
incompletethere is a melody
inside this ribcage
but the world
has stolen the
there is a sadness
and an insanity
that is inherent
in the moments
we fall apart
but a dignity
and a beauty
in every day
that we do not
spring has come
but i'm not sure
if the flowers, yet,
have bloomed
or if the chill
sometimes i think
there is a madness
in dancing
to a melody alone
but i remember
sometimes, that's
all there is left
i want to remember what love songs feel likevalentine,
i will break you.
you will be silent witness
to the way my heart swings
back and forth, back and forth,
like a grandfather clock
keeping time
to the bombs i planted in my fingertips,
everyone i touch gets hurt.
this way, i have excuses not to get close to people.
though i can see me breaking all vows for you;
children i never meant to have,
a life i would not have imagined for myself;
sometimes you make me feel like
a caged predator.
all the anger i've learned,
all the fight i hold buried in my throat,
becomes useless.
i become helpless.
i broke you broke me broke up,
kissed him a week later.
i am not sorry.
DefenseReality lulled spirit, until dreams awoke.

The Dreaming Corner is a feature series highlighting pieces of literature
that have touched and inspired me, making me want to share it with others
in this wonderful community I'm proud to call my own little hub.

Please, give these writers a minute of your time, and enjoy :heart:

With love,


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