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Artist | Literature
lady-yume. the dreaming lady. kimberly. kim. kj. woman. twenty-eight. blue-eyed. dark-blonde.
a professional day-dreamer who writes in spare minutes and stolen moments, often carrying words around within my pockets for later use.

- - - - -

current founder over at the Glory-Be-Project - expressing ourselves by writing one day at a time.
do you have any questions about the project? i'm always a note away to answer any of your queries :heart:

- - - - -

writer of the feature series the dreaming corner, highlighting pieces of literature that have touched and inspired me ❤
★ vol. 01 - ★ vol. 02 - ★ vol. 03 - ★ vol. 04

- - - - -

thankful to all you wonderful people who read my works;
all the +watches, comments and +fav's are seen - though the last one may go unanswered, they are most certainly not unnoticed (:

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my daily deviations:
:bulletgreen: counting stars {featured in the daily deviations of october 2nd, '13 ~ chosen by DorianHarper}
:bulletgreen: heart sold. {featured in the daily deviations of july, 8th, '14 ~ suggested by chromeantennae, featured by inknalcohol}

my daily literary deviations:
:bulletgreen: fickle flames and dreamy rooms {featured in the daily lit deviations of december 9th '13 ~ suggested by toxic--sunrise, featured by TwilightPoetess}
:bulletgreen: siren song {featured in the daily lit deviations of October 11th '13 ~ suggested by toxic--sunrise, featured by DrippingWords}
:bulletgreen: dancing on the fire escape {featured in the daily lit deviations of September 6th '13 ~ suggested by chromeantennae, featured by LadyofGaerdon}
:bulletgreen: shipwrecked and lost {featured in the daily lit deviations of June 6th '13~ suggested by imaginative-lioness}, featured by DrippingWords
:bulletgreen: letters to a memory {originally featured in the daily lit deviations of October 12th, '11 on my previous account ~ chosen by SilverInkblot}

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contest prize taker:

:bulletgreen: the best of you {first prize winner in Live-Love-Write's contest also entitled the best of you}

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interviews :rose:
:bulletgreen: LadyLincoln's ladies of lit - volume xlv
{Whenever I think of Kimberly’s work, I think of a sort of fragile beauty that stays with me and continues to haunt my thoughts after each individual reading. There is something simply magical about her poetry. And, it stays tucked away within the confines of my heart, where radiant, vibrant imagery shall always shine.}

- - - - -

beautiful compliments :heart:
:bulletgreen: chromeantennae:
"Lady Dream(s), the Dreaming Lady. You, KJ, create poetry I can only envision in my dreams. You're such an inspiration and beyond kind, you're just that epic. I love you and please, please, please, don't ever stop writing."

:bulletgreen: shehrozeameen:
"Lady-Yume if there was a means to save raindrops just before they fell, it would be my pleasure to present them to you. You're wonderful - you're like a clear blue sky that's radiant and never has a single blemish on it. Its always a good day when you're around. And its always been something I'm proud of - reading your works, as well as being your friend."

:bulletgreen: lombregrise:
"Lady-Yume is a lovely poetess, and I'm glad to read her. Delicate, true, sensitive."

:bulletgreen: LadyLincoln:
"Kimberly’s beautifully woven “dreamy” poetry reflects from her heart and through her gorgeous deviant identity, amongst the community. Her writing is sensitive and thoughtful, and she has a creative ability to pull her readers into a world with vibrant imagery – she helps us count the stars, travel through the valley of the butterflies, and discover our euphoria."

:bulletgreen: TheBakerandWriter:
"You just have a delicate way with words and it comes out to be something otherworldly."

:bulletgreen: A-Shadow-Rose:
"Lady-Yume. She is wow. She is wow times infinity. I can't even describe how beautiful her work is. Every time I read something, it makes me feel all warm because it's just so... wow."

:bulletgreen: crooked-clockwork:
"You are truly a daily inspiration to me and are one of my absolute favorite poets. You have such a beautiful and raw soul and it comes out in the poetry that you so graciously share with the dA community. Regardless of how many times I reread your poems, many have brought fond feelings and even tears welling up inside of me again and again."

:bulletgreen: LuminescentTeardrops:
"I truly adore your writing! It's so inspirational that you've definitely become one of my role models when it comes to poets."

- - - - -

my poetry blog - goodreads - pinterest - twitter

FragilityI love those tender moments at the climax
of a story where the world has reached its
day of reckoning and the hero, about to
sacrifice himself for his cause,
confesses his undying love to the girl
he drove away in fear for her safety.
It goes against all his reasoning but
now, at his weakest, the walls collapsing
around him, death's claws at his throat,
he no longer cares; his reserve has peeled
away and all that remains is the raw,
lacerating truth that stumbles from his lips.
I love these moments not because of
their intensity or beautifully tragic
nature but because of their fragility,
for they show the deep-seated desire
for intimacy that burns inside us all
and cannot—will not—be ignored.
the kissThere is a
separation -
bated breath before
Flicking wetness
firm-soft and warm
and tugging
t u g g i n g.
slips through the cracks,
glides along
gently prising at the seam
until the seal
3004 (#10)five after midnight
the skies' waterfall
lullaby on my rooftop
where my head
often lies.
and tonight,
this morning,
today, i can say-
as i have been
able to
in the infinite
moments that
i have known you-
that i am blessed.
finite spaces
in places 
my touch
cannot reach,
times like these
my heart wishes
my dark hands
with blue-green
careening webs
in the base,
were in your
violin fingers
and piano palms.
rusty from
the absence,
your greatest
still speaks to me.
and we know
you never left.
so, you're always here
in a way that i cannot
easily articulate.
but i don't have to
because we understand
and that is all
i've ever needed.
a cluster of leavesyour dad built a tree house
and you would go up there
to sketch and read.
when you brought friends over,
you would place a picnic mat
under the shades.
you were a teen
and i peered through my drapes
and saw you carving hearts on the barks.
pretty soon love began to take roots  
so you and the boy were kissing
and the night trees had never been so still.
time and foliage:
today, there is a swing
and your toddler tries it for the first time.
how i want them.
how i want your trees.
© May 8, 2015 :house:

Star-crossed days are spent
   of the bright-eyed
      who stole my heart
   and caught it
        in a locket
   tossing the key
       at the guard who
   chased him
   of the whirlwind
   that blindsided
          my sobbing lungs
      leaving behind
   only a
        faint musk
     clinging forlornly
   to empty pillows
            in its wake
   of the twirling red
       dyed a delicate Fate
   which circled my finger
       the fleeting fairy t
I Am WorthyHe had needed to hear me breaking, to hear the absolute sadness besieging my voice. But you were there for me, dearest, not him. You were there with trembling tears and unsteady hands. When his love hate became too much for my twisted fingers to hold you cupped your hands over mine, trying to salvage the flecks of who I was. Who I could be.
Brushing away the parts of him that I thought held me together, you helped me start anew. You let your words of love drip into my bones and percolate beneath my skin. Citing the fact that saying a mantra is the first step to believing in it. Oh did you make me repeat it, some nights I swear I could see the stars twinkle into the shape of the words:
"You are worthy."
I must admit, it took me what seemed like eons to realize that worth comes from more than the people you fall in love with. That you can not base your worth off of how you look, how you walk, or talk when you're with them. You said that I do not need their validation to
oneinstead of wishing the world weren't sad,
i want to dance until it smiles.
even one will do:
softened eyes like sugared cream,
precious pearly teeth peeking
between curled-lace lips,
a shy smile for starters.
then, the fire spreads
all smile-sparks and grin-glimmerings.
instead of speaking sorrows and suspicions,
our world should heed the hopeful hearts.
even one would do.
carried around
like lockets;
some full of love
others empty

Silver Tongued MysteriesThat night, when your lips tasted of butterflies,
I discovered supernovae in your eyes.
Your gossamer lashes brush against my skin
and my heart soars like symphonic violins --
but your apocryphal words cloud in my mind
as I realize for so long I have been blind.
I am a panther caged in your desire; weak,
filled with an apathy that makes my bones creak.
The roots connecting me to earth are brittle
as burned wood, a pain that throbs inside my skull.
That night, when your lips tasted of butterflies,
I discovered supernovae in your eyes.
Your gossamer lashes brush against my skin
and my heart soars like symphonic violins.
The sky-trees sing of ignorance in beauty,
telling stories within their aging rings, free.
Their voices twine together in the east wind
and make their way to me, though my eyes are dimmed,
all the way across the ocean. I struggle
away from the abyss that seems so chasmal
while pressing my footprints into silver sand;
trying to leave a permanent mark here, and
that night,
FadeBy the wind, I am sworn
to a life ensnared
in a meticulous storm.
The raindrops ask me
if I'm alright with the blood and tears
and utter grayness of it all,
and before the 'yes' can escape me,
they shatter.
The clouds wonder why I'm so content
to be swept away in blackness;
somehow the thunder always cuts me off,
just a little too loud
for my voice to overcome.
The lightning overwhelms me
in every cruel burst.
It's quick and light
as broken glass,
but heavy enough
to crush
and crash
and burn me.
I'm happy with this dream of dreams,
ever content with oblivion
and the sound of everything
blending into one bittersweet note.
All I ever want to see
is the swirling of the clouds,
more vibrant than any rainbow.
But unfortunately,
a rainbow is always inevitable.
I'll embrace this coldness while I can,
let it engulf me
like the pressing of a thousand blades
into my skin.
Never mind if I'm okay;
just let me taste the ozone rain
burn against my tongue again
and I'll be as close as I can be
i broke the sky to make youand every time i dust your hips
with my aspirations,
i hear her weep
Flying a kite to our playlistBefore I met you
I fell out of love with music
It was all the same
My enjoyment in it's presence, elusive.
You shared your heart
Showed me a world of lyrics through your eyes
Set to base, guitars, piano and beats
my world was lifted up to the skies.
Life had a soundtrack once more
Powered by our declaration, friends forever whatever
We bestowed each other gifts of melody
Bringing smiles for any such weather.
Now all that is done
You decided to end our unity
With you, our ballads dead
I too, die inside truthfully.
Our songs have survived
They play morning, noon, and night
And I think of you
Hope, dream that one day
                                    to our playlist

Winter WindSnowdrops fade
along autumn corpses
still swaying in frozen wind
Umbrellas dot city streets
bird feathers weaving
with angel wings.
Shells of Autumn corpses
litter cold earth
frigid air waltzing
through evergreens
The horizon, a sketch
beyond amaranthine and emerald
Colors fade into smoke wisps
against deep sky.
Orion and Cassiopeia
guide me home.
Footsteps fading in snow frosting
Memories wade through heavy air.
Before firelight and stars
illuminate darkness and nightmares.
The Way the Sun SetsThere is light on the horizon.
If I faced east, I might have been up all night (as I feel I have),
staring at the dim glow of a computer screen,
scrolling through pages of notes,
and flipping the sheets of crumpled past homework assignments,
seeking answers my tired brain could not comprehend.
If I faced east, dawn would soon be upon me,
sun rays lighting the chapel steeple
that glows now in the spotlights' beams
against the cloudless navy curtains of the sky.
If I faced east, my brain would be buzzing with coffee,
swarming with words and answers and questions
I cannot currently conceive.
The world comes alive at daybreak, even for the sleepless.
But I face west, toward the setting sun,
the last hints of cyan light tinting the sky.
I face a night of tired eyes and quick distractions
that go on for far too long,
a night of long questions
and longer answers
and moments spent dozing into my tea cup.
I face west, toward the end of the day,
waiting for dawn
to bring the end of the night.
Symphony for a StrangerYou and I are complicated
we're a field of spring flowers, blooming
only to be torn apart by vicious tornadoes.
We spread life over our dreams,
only to kill them the first chance we got.
We're the frozen winter,
everlasting, but there's a sun,
behind the dark clouds.
Snowflakes of melancholy,
gliding across the meadows
that witnessed our first kiss.
We're the quiet night,
ever gleaming with stars,
and a cricket playing a symphony
of triumph and loneliness
in honor of the lost souls who
faded into the memories of dusk.
You and I were once
a fairytale, shredded
and broken, yet was coated
with silk and fur
awaiting death on a throne of gold.
...Melting from your skin as wax to an ocean,
“Let me dance with you,” was all that the demon asked of her.
A cacophony of butterflies fell over the sunrise like a leaf,
And a song sung by a million deaf reached out with anorexic fingers to explore the beginning of nothingness.
Shattered across the ceiling they reflected his every sigh in imperfect perfection,
while in the attic the potter’s wheel turned and cast the world into an intoxicated frenzy.
Shots rang out from the ever-growing brightening horizon and hushed the silence which muted us all,
The laughter of the gods poured down on them like a steady rainfall of blood and slowly crushed our ribs in it’s embrace.
The sight of the wind falling numbly was one that resounded in my hollowed cheekbones angles,
Crushing my lips against his in a desperate manner while a frown dripped from chapped lips and ran down the storm drain.
Slowly the pain subsided and the people ran hopelessly to escape their demons which kis

The Dreaming Corner is a feature series highlighting pieces of literature
that have touched and inspired me, making me want to share it with others
in this wonderful community I'm proud to call my own little hub.

Please, give these writers a minute of your time, and enjoy :heart:

With love,


previous volumes:
★ vol. 01 - ★ vol. 02 - ★ vol. 03

my poetry blog - goodreads - pinterest - twitter

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