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Artist | Literature
lady-yume. the dreaming lady. kimberly. kim. kj. woman. twenty-eight. blue-eyed. dark-blonde.
a professional day-dreamer who writes in spare minutes and stolen moments, often carrying words around within my pockets for later use.

- - - - -

current founder over at the Glory-Be-Project - expressing ourselves by writing one day at a time.
do you have any questions about the project? i'm always a note away to answer any of your queries :heart:

- - - - -

writer of the feature series the dreaming corner, highlighting pieces of literature that have touched and inspired me ❤
★ vol. 01 - ★ vol. 02 - ★ vol. 03

- - - - -

thankful to all you wonderful people who read my works;
all the +watches, comments and +fav's are seen - though the last one may go unanswered, they are most certainly not unnoticed (:

- - - - -

my daily deviations:
:bulletgreen: counting stars {featured in the daily deviations of october 2nd, '13 ~ chosen by DorianHarper}
:bulletgreen: heart sold. {featured in the daily deviations of july, 8th, '14 ~ suggested by chromeantennae, featured by inknalcohol}

my daily literary deviations:
:bulletgreen: fickle flames and dreamy rooms {featured in the daily lit deviations of december 9th '13 ~ suggested by toxic--sunrise, featured by TwilightPoetess}
:bulletgreen: siren song {featured in the daily lit deviations of October 11th '13 ~ suggested by toxic--sunrise, featured by DrippingWords}
:bulletgreen: dancing on the fire escape {featured in the daily lit deviations of September 6th '13 ~ suggested by chromeantennae, featured by LadyofGaerdon}
:bulletgreen: shipwrecked and lost {featured in the daily lit deviations of June 6th '13~ suggested by imaginative-lioness}, featured by DrippingWords
:bulletgreen: letters to a memory {originally featured in the daily lit deviations of October 12th, '11 on my previous account ~ chosen by SilverInkblot}

- - - - -

contest prize taker:

:bulletgreen: the best of you {first prize winner in Live-Love-Write's contest also entitled the best of you}

- - - - -

interviews :rose:
:bulletgreen: LadyLincoln's ladies of lit - volume xlv
{Whenever I think of Kimberly’s work, I think of a sort of fragile beauty that stays with me and continues to haunt my thoughts after each individual reading. There is something simply magical about her poetry. And, it stays tucked away within the confines of my heart, where radiant, vibrant imagery shall always shine.}

- - - - -

beautiful compliments :heart:
:bulletgreen: chromeantennae:
"Lady Dream(s), the Dreaming Lady. You, KJ, create poetry I can only envision in my dreams. You're such an inspiration and beyond kind, you're just that epic. I love you and please, please, please, don't ever stop writing."

:bulletgreen: shehrozeameen:
"Lady-Yume if there was a means to save raindrops just before they fell, it would be my pleasure to present them to you. You're wonderful - you're like a clear blue sky that's radiant and never has a single blemish on it. Its always a good day when you're around. And its always been something I'm proud of - reading your works, as well as being your friend."

:bulletgreen: lombregrise:
"Lady-Yume is a lovely poetess, and I'm glad to read her. Delicate, true, sensitive."

:bulletgreen: LadyLincoln:
"Kimberly’s beautifully woven “dreamy” poetry reflects from her heart and through her gorgeous deviant identity, amongst the community. Her writing is sensitive and thoughtful, and she has a creative ability to pull her readers into a world with vibrant imagery – she helps us count the stars, travel through the valley of the butterflies, and discover our euphoria."

:bulletgreen: TheBakerandWriter:
"You just have a delicate way with words and it comes out to be something otherworldly."

:bulletgreen: A-Shadow-Rose:
"Lady-Yume. She is wow. She is wow times infinity. I can't even describe how beautiful her work is. Every time I read something, it makes me feel all warm because it's just so... wow."

:bulletgreen: crooked-clockwork:
"You are truly a daily inspiration to me and are one of my absolute favorite poets. You have such a beautiful and raw soul and it comes out in the poetry that you so graciously share with the dA community. Regardless of how many times I reread your poems, many have brought fond feelings and even tears welling up inside of me again and again."

:bulletgreen: LuminescentTeardrops:
"I truly adore your writing! It's so inspirational that you've definitely become one of my role models when it comes to poets."

- - - - -

my poetry blog - goodreads - pinterest - twitter

-do not
tell me
who i should be
do not
tell me
what to believe
do not
who i am
i am not you
and you are not me.
You Were Not An Aquarium BoySea-glass became your bones,
brine your blood, and seashells
melded into your skin.
You were not quite an ocean
when you said "This is your sign to love me."
My body was like a building;
tall, cold, almost unbreakable.
I was metallic and sharp,
towering over your waters.
I remember taking your hand in mine,
conch and coral shells scrubbing
my skyscraper wrists, and laughing
about how one day you would
submerge every last bit of me.
Your lips, riddled with argonauts,
found my cheek and I cringed
at the coarseness.
You asked if they bothered me
and I finally told you "I
think I love you."
you float like a feather, in a beautiful worldno one knew her, and no one wanted to.
she spent 9am nights with sticky tears pressed to her
cheeks, foundation smudged on her face,
yet she refused to believe that happiness would
replenish her in any way.
stubbornness leaked with the same rancid smell
every night, a white sheep in a fog of thunder clouds.
it was like a pale storm
had passed over her pupils,
forever rainy days
with no sunshine displayed in the retinas
for the hungry children of the sun to croon over.
she told me once
that she never wanted to be happy again,
never wanted crinkles to appear in a haze under her eyes, because she believed happiness was stupidity; blank words on paper and wet paintbrushes with nothing to paint.
, the tempestyour dizzy breath fascinates the wings of birds
    overhead -  remember to drink
the luck of the universe; swirl her around
inside your mouth
and when morning comes and your tiny lungs
        g    a    s    p
for air,
dream of the innocent.

the arsonistit is what it is.
I want to set that phrase on fire.
Pour some gasoline on each letter
till they reek of volatility 
till they are itching for ignition, for agency
to burn and lick and singe.
I want to catch her mind alight,
each redwood-high issue to smolder
and I want each eye to brighten
like a freshly-stoked furnace
her words to be shot-off sparks
glowing in the night.
for every shrug
I want dynamite to liven
up the shoulders that have
lowered with the eyelids
till the whole body is a half-vision,
my kindle, these half-dreams
and one day I’ll find the match
to set the mind to passion
and she’ll wake up with a woosh,
a wild wonder.
.green children
force themselves
up and out
of their beds -
the sun smiles,
and reaches down
to embrace them
BreatheI swallow anxiety
with last night's leftovers,
while they lick cream
from embroidered silver spoons.
They do not passion me better,
they sink me to ribbons.
So I will peel sunshine
from my windows and whitewash
my walls back clean. I will
straitlace my arms to obedience.
I will breathe and breathe
until I do not have to
love and landmarksyou broke down today,
sketching your fears on
yellowed folds of a blank canvas
charcoal smudges and blood stains
masked by peeling brush strokes.
but what scared me the most
the colors of your fears and dreams
naked and permanent,
before my eyes in watercolor,
etching out your heart.
and I wasn't sure
I wanted your confession.
I poured vodka against
the grain and the pastels
bled into the city streets.
I went home and mapped
the letters of my love with
ink and paper dotted with
salted tears and hollow breath.
and if i had let you lean on me
the same way I've leaned on you,
a million times, maybe, more,
i would have realized
our fears were the same.
I'm building a wall,
burying lost hopes and dreams
and you
inside the bricks and grout
just like china.

GuessingWith all the confusion
the haze I get
when i get in this daze
just like before
with a boy i never had
yet he had my all
i don't want to guess
but i almost don't want to know
how does he feel?
is it all just a show?
a small part of me
almost wants it to be so...
highschool heartsnew faces, old faces
faces we think we see
faces we wish we would never see again
new friends
old friends
no friends
many friends.
couples kissing
laughs out loud
staring lovingly
proclamation of feelings
your pretty lips
i promised i'd stay on my studies
but i'd rather be studying chemistry
than biology.
When You think of Me - A letter to HerThe season that finds you will not matter. Whether you shiver in winter colds or stretch your toes under the cherries of June, your breath should be easy.
No matter the season, your body should always mimic the birth of spring or the fires of summer. Your skin should glow brighter when my image appears behind your bright eyes.
You should remember the way a great muse meditates, for that is what you are. You should feel your chest letting go, like it does when you grace the sidewalk under linden trees. Your frail rib cage should expand slowly, to let your soul wander free, as it never was before. Don’t worry, your soul will find its way out and back again when your thoughts of me are done. Do not be troubled if it leaves for too long. However long it stays afloat, that’s how it should be. Your soul knows the measure of being in love beyond what you and I know - about us and about each other.
Your arms might fall to the side, your legs might feel brittle and your lips might p
but i hold my hands out, ad infinitumpolysemous kneels and jaded,
i curl ambiguity against
the collapsing walls of
letters folded into wings
and gone again.
(maybe they're fluttering,
gliding, soaring, drifting (away))
i cannot fly and
nor can you.
and my voice is clawed
into the branch where i was born
and i am not st. vincent;
i cannot birth in reverse.
no matter how much
i try to carve the words
out from my jawed
but this love and sadness
is baroque, climactic
and dramatic.
i look for you
in the attic of my mouth
and the basement of my hands--
i hear you in the corner
of this dystopian (uni)verse
and know better than to reach
for you now,
the room will only fall in on us.

laughing, magic manwhen i was little, i laughed with you.
scrunched cheeks, watered eyes
carefree to the worries of the world,
enchanted with your magical mind.
i laughed, because i was happy;
you laughed so i would laugh.
that was your job.
as i got older, i laughed at you,
knowing at last the boundaries
of a flickering screen and the
fame that followed them.
i laughed, because you were funny
and i was still under the spell
you spun over a child's heart:
the only real-life magic is a smile.
you were our magician,
and we're still grateful.
when i grew up, you taught me again,
one last lesson about your magic:
sadness should never be a secret.
tearfully, i wonder
how long you let sadness eat
that precious smile alive,
before it spirited you away.
dear laughing, magic man,
i wish you'd shared your pain.
you gave and smiled so freely,
i never had a chance
to say
thank you.
The PledgesI pledge to immortalise
acts of love committed against me,
and to share the knowledge
painstakingly passed down
from shaky paper hands,
to a smooth maternal grip,
to your clammy grasp - to me.
I pledge to close my eyes
when all inside feels dark
until the sun falls from the sky
and you make the stars slash
through the nightcurtain
to remind me of ephemeral love.
I pledge to remember
the way that last kiss tastes
and constantly struggle
to capture it for those not lucky enough
to kiss you.
I pledge to save my tears
to rehydrate old inkwells
so that they become part of every story
I decide to tell.
I pledge to keep trying
to be happy, outside the parameters
of a brain that can’t help but hate
that I am not you
and that I am still alive.
Sleep-Sloped (DFC 2014)phantom dream,
harsh fingers down
sloped skin.  lullabies
long forgotten, betrayal of self--
you are an icicle
lodged between bruised ribs
melting slow.
nameless, you whisper
sweet nothings, breath on seashell curves;
bone-weary, veins fill thick with thin words.
in the morning, i wake thawed
save the imprints of your promises
wrapped like threads
on this
fraying heart.
Renga tree - warmthheat in the dark
fire burns in hearth
and heavens

The Dreaming Corner is a feature series highlighting pieces of literature
that have touched and inspired me, making me want to share it with others
in this wonderful community I'm proud to call my own little hub.

Please, give these writers a minute of your time, and enjoy :heart:

With love,


previous volumes:
★ vol. 01 - ★ vol. 02

my poetry blog - goodreads - pinterest - twitter

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